Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Making hardboard painting panels - part 2

Lately I've been using Gamblin Oil Ground to prime my painting panels. The grayish batch in the picture above is coated with acrylic gesso, though, after about 8 (!) coats or so. The oil ground is much easier to apply than the acrylic stuff I was using. It's highly pigmented, so you really only need 2-3 coats, versus 5-6 for the gesso. Gamblin says it's sound to use the ground directly on the hardboard without any barrier layer (like the GAC-100). It's also a lot less absorbent, so the paint retains some of its gloss and just glides right off the brush.

I can get a pretty smooth finish on these with a 4" foam paint roller. I watched the Gamblin tutorial on YouTube for applying it. The trick is just to apply it at the right consistency. They're ready to paint on after about a week.

Making these panels is quite a bit of work, but it's worth having complete control over your materials.