Saturday, November 30, 2013

Visitor's Pass

Visitor's Pass”, oil on board, 11 x 14 inches (27.9 x 35.6 cm). Sold.

I drove south on I-35 from Fort Worth to scout for a location to paint and came across this place on a county road. I pulled off to the side of the road, set up, and started the painting. It turned out I was outside the fence of some division of Halliburton, and they sent their security guard to see what I was up to. He was very polite and allowed me to continue painting, but after a while he came back and asked if he could register me as a visitor for the day. His superiors were paranoid about what I was doing there. Thus the painting's title, "Visitor's Pass." Pretty funny.

Painted with the earth color-ish palette shown above: white, yellow ochre, Indian red, ultramarine blue, and ivory black. All the colors in the painting were mixed from only these 5 pigments. They're similar colors to what Rembrandt might have had available to him (they did so much with so little!). As you can imagine, the blue + yellow doesn't give a very vibrant green. Another option to make green is black + yellow, which is still very subdued. I think it's useful for me to limit the palette like this sometimes to shake things up, so I'm not always relying on familiar mixtures.