Thursday, January 30, 2014

AH Pappy #2 - oil on panel, 9 x 12 inches.

Click here to purchase: A darker painting than usual. We've been having lots of wacky, dumb weather: 70 degrees one day and 15 degrees the next. Bright, sunny, and freezing; then dark, cloudy, and warm -- this day was one of the latter. North Texas winter is stick season: a lot of trees, but an evergreen (or dare I say snow) would be nice to break up the grayness of all those tree sticks.
I did a quick pencil sketch to plan out what lines would be the major players in this painting. It's really just a shorthand scribble to help me install some dynamism in the picture.

There is one color smuggled into nearly all the color mixes in this painting. Guess what it is? Care to put some money on it?


It's cadmium orange -- it makes really nice grays when mixed with blue and white. I bet some of my new favorite paint you wouldn't guess right. You know where to mail it.