Thursday, March 27, 2014

March Rain - oil on panel, 16 x 20 inches

Click here to purchase. This is another spring painting, but this time worked up in the studio from a 5x7 inch color study I did on location.

Lately I've been restricting myself to use large brushes, so I don't fiddle with my work as much. The study was painted with a single 1/2" bristle brush (that's pretty big and clumsy for a 5x7" painting!), and the studio painting was done with a 1" wide bristle brush. I did cheat at the end and use a small synthetic brush to scumble more color into the field and paint the branches -- just because I didn't want all the brushstrokes to be exactly the same.
I've also been playing around with a different way of applying paint. Here is a detail of the sky, showing how it flickers in places with pure color. There are bits of red, black, and yellow mixed with loads of white in there. In any little square inch passage of the painting there are 3-4 different colors that read as a vibrating field of color. In this case, the red, black, yellow, and white read as varied and interesting grays. (Non-painting readers, this is called broken color or optical mixing, and was developed by Monet & co.)
And here is part of the middle ground. I mixed up a bunch of greens and browns, then superimposed those all together to give the illusion of detail.

Anyway, it's always fun to push beyond your abilities and comfort zone, especially if it turns out OK. P.S.: here is the original little study: