Thursday, April 17, 2014

Above the Pond - oil on panel, 10x14 inches

$250 + $25 shipping, unframed, no additional costs. You can buy this painting here. It's fun doing a design like this with so many squiggly lines (technical term) and nothing parallel to the frame. The color harmony in this picture is also different for me, but I painted it as I saw it. I think after a while you just start to see things differently.

I've been trying to really increase my output lately, so there has been plenty of opportunity for exploration. I approach the next painting with ideas fresh in my mind about the previous one, and that on its own can produce interesting results. Sometimes the end of one painting is a launch point for another, and you can refine your thinking or continue an idea on new work. As Neil Young says, "It's all one song." I've been putting mileage on my brushes and using a lot of paint, and progress is being made.