Sunday, June 15, 2014

End of the Trail - oil on panel, 11x14 inches

End of the Trail
11x14 inches, oil on panel
My turpentine/oil/varnish-based painting medium attracted a lot of bees the day I painted this. I think they like the sweet, pine smell of the turpentine. I like it too when I'm outside, but it's too fumey for me to use indoors. Bees swarming around your head while you paint isn't ideal either...
Gamblin's Galkyd is nice, but it is too thick right out of the bottle for my liking, so I have to dilute it by about 1/3 with OMS. Another issue is that it doesn't dry as glossy as the turps/varnish/oil medium. Galkyd Lite is a good viscosity but it dries matte. They both tack up on the palette a little too fast when I use them outdoors.

I've also been experimenting with a 1:1 mix of OMS and cold-pressed linseed oil as a medium, which I dilute with more OMS in the lay-in stage, and use undiluted later on. It's very low viscosity and retains some gloss, plus has a reasonable dry time. I really like the smell of linseed oil too.