Friday, July 18, 2014

Armadillo's Hangout - oil on panel, 8x10 inches

Armadillo's Hangout
8x10 inches, oil on panel
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Sometimes when I paint in this spot, I see an armadillo rummaging through the brush. He wasn't around the day I painted this, though.

One day I was worried it might have a problem (rabies? who knows...) because of how close he was coming to me, and how little he was bothered by my presence. It's usually not a good sign. So I put some music on my phone, which didn't faze him. But when I took out my trash bag to throw away the paper towel I wiped my paintbrush on, the noise of the crinkling bag made him run away. And I'll tell you, he could really run fast--almost like a cat.

This woodland interior was fun to paint: lots of dramatic light and shadows, warm and cool colors, and interesting shapes. I've always been wary to paint them because of how much variation there is, but since this was a small panel (8x10 inches), it wasn't too bad.