Monday, August 31, 2015

First of the Minnesota paintings

My wife and I moved to Duluth, MN at the beginning of July. Now that we're unpacked and getting settled in, I've been able to start painting again after a (long) hiatus. Here are a few plein air paintings from the area.
North Shore, Tofte. 11x14 in., oil on panel.
$580 (click here to purchase)

Minnesota is quite a different place from Texas for landscape painting. For one, natural lakes are either rare or completely nonexistent in Texas (depending on who you ask), whereas you can't throw a rock without hitting a natural lake in Minnesota. Duluth is situated right on Lake Superior, which has a very active harbor. And it's quite hilly here. Many of the houses and buildings look like they haven't changed since before 1920 (the house we're renting was built in 1886, for example).
Grand Marais Harbor. 11x14 in., oil on panel.
$580 (click here to purchase)
So there are a lot of subjects here I've never painted. I hear autumn is absolutely beautiful, and I also plan to get out some this winter and paint snow scenes.