Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September in the Northland, Part 1

Here are some paintings from around the area this month.
Rough Waters on Lake Superior. 9x12 in., oil on panel.
$400 (click here to purchase)

I am beginning to wonder if I should just keep a jacket in the car at all times. It was nice and balmy when I left home, but when I set up to paint by the water the wind was pretty chilly and difficult to work in. My tripod has a crossbar at the bottom I put my foot on to keep it from blowing away while I worked. Wind makes painting a little unbearable, since you have to try and keep things from flying away and simultaneously concentrate on what you're painting. But sometimes, I think it makes for decisive, direct painting, as I had to do with this one.
Brighton Beach. 9x12 in., oil on panel.
$400 (click here to purchase)

This is a painting from the same spot, just facing another direction. The weather was much more cooperative that day. "... when she was good, she was very, very good; when she was bad she was horrid."
Crossroads. 12x9 in., oil on panel.
$400 (click here to purchase)
The above started as a sketch from nature, but I did a lot of redesigning and painting from imagination.
Twin Ponds #1. 11x14 in., oil on panel.
$580 (click here to purchase)

I love the greens you get on an overcast day like this, and the weird, vague diffused shadows.