About Me

Artist's Statement

When I seek a subject to paint, I look for interesting abstract shapes of lights and darks. This is accompanied by the desire to capture transient atmospheric and lighting effects. I also like the balance between mimicking human visual perception and the manipulation of paint itself as part of the visual interest in the painting. 

I paint from life whenever possible, rather than from photographs. I believe photographs provide an enormous amount of visual information, but often leave something to be desired in terms of the way a human perceives a visual field as a "big picture," rather than an aggregate of many detailed pieces. The fast pace of a live painting session (usually no more than 3 hours per session) helps me be decisive in distilling a scene down to its essential elements.

I also strive to make my work primarily look like a painting, and secondarily like a representation of objects. Scintillating color, brush strokes, and surface quality play in as visual interest as much as accurate rendering and subject matter. I hope to produce something which reflects reality, but is clearly a painting. When I succeed at this, the painting looks better than the reality.


Weston Hobdy was born in 1985 and grew up in Brownfield, Texas. After pursuing a degree in engineering and working briefly in that profession, he began making art full time in 2010.

He typically works out small paintings on location over a number of sessions, which are finished in the studio or used as studies, forming the basis for larger work.

Hobdy is primarily self-taught, driven by a lifelong fervent interest in visual art. He resides in Duluth, MN with his wife Natalie.